Recently I have successfully cleared Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) certification and I would like to share my experience and learning tips and tricks as well as resources that helped me earn the CKAD badge.

#Tip 1 : Know Your Enemy Well [EXAM SYLLABUS]

In order to prepare for the exam the first step should be knowing the syllabus well. I’m going to list out the key chapters which will help you prepare for the certification, a brief version of the syllabus is also present on the CNCF page.

  • Core Concepts : Pod , Replica Set , Deployment, Namespaces
  • Configuration

Tests are like a safety net for code and when we write more test suites covering edge cases it helps in increasing the quality and credibility of the code. On the flip side, a clean and readable test is also important as it makes finding bugs and adding new test cases easy. However, over the span of time the test suites grow along with the code and it becomes very hard to read or to add new test cases leading to confusion.

The readability of the test is as important as the readability of the code which is being developed…

I have been working with the reactor library for quite a while now and this blog is about a dilemma that every developer might face while writing tests for non-blocking reactive code. This blog will help you to set some rules in your team or squad on whether to use block or StepVerifier based on specific cases. Hence, this will clear some doubts about which one to use where and when.

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Before reading this blog you must be familiar with Mono & Flux in the reactor library and also have some prior experience of writing tests using StepVerifier or block…

Pipeline as code is a technique which defines that how we can write CI/CD build or deployment pipeline with code which can be fed to make pipeline automatically and which can even be version controlled.

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Before talking about how to follow this technique to make it more efficient and easy to adapt, let's just understand why we want to do it? Jenkins, GO CD, Team City or Circle CI are few tools to do continuous integration and continuous delivery. These tools help in continuously integrating the source code and act as a safety net for the developer as the code…

So, before I start telling you about the problems we faced and how we solved them, I would like you folks to get familiar with the ‘Loki’ of coding world. Loki! sounds strange in a coding blog right? Many company’s unknowingly or knowingly are still using this mischievous style of coding which I tell you might be the cause of their downfall, so if you still holding on to those old memories (pun intended) be very scared coz’ professor Doom is very near.

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The topic which I’m trying to describe here is Monolithic Architecture (a large single upright block of…

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